Operation: Piano Restoration

Dear Logos Dads,
     It’s been very exciting to witness the progress of the two pianos all of these many months.  Through the efforts of several of the dads and children, we have stripped the old finishes, dry sanded, patched, patch sanded, sealed, and seal sanded both cases, and they are now ready for the final coats of finish.  Once they are sprayed and dried, we will have to hand rub the pianos to a smooth satin sheen.  In the meantime, It will take a couple of weeks for the lacquer to dry.  So I’m cancelling Operation: Piano Restoration on Feb. 11 & 18, and will resume on Feb. 25.  Thanks again for all of your continued efforts and if you haven’t yet been out to the shop yet, please consider coming on the 25th.  It is a great time of fun and fellowship. 
In His grip,
Clint Hughes

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