Meet the Board

Jeff Blum (Secretary)
Jeff and his wife Micaela (2nd grade teacher at Logos) live in Pullman, WA. He is employed at SEL as a software engineer, and serves as an elder at the Evangelical Free Church of the Palouse.  One of the greatest continuing blessings to their family is simply being a part of Logos where their four children; Isaac, Alex, Alyssa and Titus attend.

Ben Bowen
Ben graduated from Logos in 1998. He is a dentist here in Moscow and he and his wife Stacey have three children at Logos.

Kirk Brower
Kirk is the lead pastor at Bridge Bible Fellowship. He and his wife Jill were on staff with Cru on the U of I campus for 16 years. They have 4 children at Logos.

Joe Casebolt (Chairman)
Joe attended Logos from third grade through graduation in 1996. He went on to graduate from the University of Idaho and is currently working at Schweitzer Engineering Labs in Pullman, Washington. He married Paula (Sawyer ’94) in 2000 and the couple have all four of their children attending Logos.

Andrew Crapuchettes
Andrew and Elise have five children attending Logos. Elise teaches in the secondary and Andrew has volunteered to teach some elementary PE classes. Mr. Andrew Crapuchettes is the chief executive officer of Emsi. Since joining the company as their third employee, he has led Emsi’s transformation from a small consulting firm into an international data and software company. In 2018 he oversaw the sale of Emsi to Strada Education Network℠ (Strada), and is actively growing the company under the new leadership.

Ed Driskill
A Moscow native, Ed became friends with a group of Logos students in high school.  As a non-Christian, he was immediately drawn to them and later became a Christian during halftime at a Logos basketball game.  He went on to play a year of college baseball and then returned to Moscow to marry Kelly (Sawyer ’96) and graduate from the U of I, and then received a Masters in Horticulture from WSU.  He is the Pacific Northwest Key Account Manager for Albaugh, LLC.  Ed and Kelly have four kids at Logos: senior Ava, freshman Jack, 6th grader Jemma, and 5th grader Henry.  While he appreciates the rigorous academics at Logos, it is the culture that first drew him in and will always be his priority.

Luke Jankovic
Luke is a father of seven current Logos students. He hails from the suburbs of Chicago and came to Moscow to attend New St. Andrews College, where he currently serves as board chair. He married Rachel (Wilson ’98), a Logos Alum  in 2003 and currently works as an executive at Emsi, a local data and software company.

Marc Rust (On sabbatical)
Marc and Nancy are the parents of four Logos graduates—Luke ’01, Bekah ’02, Andrew ’05, and Ryan ’10. Marc works at UI conducting forestry research. Nancy taught Pre-school at Logos until her retirement.

Douglas Wilson (Vice-Chairman)
Douglas and his wife Nancy have three children, Bekah ’94, Nathan ’96, and Rachel ’98, and seventeen grandchildren, many of whom are attending Logos. Douglas is a pastor at Christ Church and is a senior fellow of theology at New St. Andrews College. He has written numerous books and blogs regularly at Blog and Mablog.

Nathan Wilson
Nathan ’96 and his wife, Heather, have five children attending Logos. He himself went K-12 at Logos and can tell many wondrous stories (both true and untrue). He already owes Logos a great debt of gratitude for all that the school has done for him, and is thrilled to see even more being given to his children.