Worldview Assemblies

What is the Gospel? Pastor Toby Sumpter

Elementary questions:
1. What is the Gospel?
2. How did Jesus defeat Satan on the Cross?
3. How does Jesus defeat Satan in us?

Secondary questions:
1. How is the word or related words for “gospel” used in the Old Testament? What’s the common theme?
2. How did Jesus defeat the serpent-king on the Cross?
3. How does Jesus defeat the serpent-king in us?

Evolution Pastor Kirk Brower

Elementary questions:
1. What is evolution?
2. How does the Bible say that God created the world?
3. How do you know which creation story is true?

Secondary questions:
1. What are the different meanings of the word “evolution”?
2. In what way is evolution often presented (even from a highly scientific perspective) which contradicts a Christian worldview?
3. What is the evolution narrative, and how does this contradict the Genesis narrative?
4. How do we determine whether or not a narrative is true?
5. Explain one way to combat evolutionary theory with Biblical truth.

Life Between the Sexes Pastor Douglas Wilson

Elementary Questions:
1. What does “obedience in the little things” mean?  How does doing that get you ready for obedience later in life?
2. How can friends influence you to be a good friend to others?
3. What kind of friend are you trying to be to others?

Secondary Questions:
1. Is life between the sexes limited to high school? What other aspects of life are involved?
2. What role can cliques and in-groups have on unwise decisions about relationships?
3. In thinking about relationships, what kind of person should you want to become?
4. What should you do if you know what to do? What should you not do? How does this relate to the subject of life between the sexes?

What is Education? Pastor Toby Sumpter

1. How is education a pursuit of wealth?
2. What is a “Christian” education?
3. Why is a Christian education valuable?

Confession of Sin Pastor Kirk Brower
Confession of Sin Q & A

1. What does it mean to confess?
2. Why do you think God wants us to confess our sins to Him even after we’ve been justified in Him?
3. Is it necessary to confess our sins to others?
4. What hinders you from confessing sins right away, keeping short accounts with God and others?
5. Are there sins you need to confess right now in your life?

Honoring Parents, Pastor Douglas Wilson
Honoring Parents Q & A

Elementary Questions:
1. What does it mean to honor your parents?
2. What does God promise if we honor (obey, respect) our parents?
3. In what two ways can you honor your mom and dad?

Secondary Questions:
1. What is significant about Paul’s comment that the fifth commandment is the first commandment with a promise?
2. What is the scope of that promise?
3. When you and your parents are both trying to understand the other, what significant advantage do your parents have?
4. What are the two ways that children should honor their parents?
5. What is the difference between these two ways?

Relativism (secondary) Pastor Joshua Appel
Relativism Q & A (secondary)
Be a Truth Teller-Even When it Hurts (elementary)

Elementary Questions:
1. What was Achan’s sin?
2. What is the great temptation for us when we do wrong? Why?
3. What is Pastor encouraging us/you to do?

Secondary Questions:
1. What is relativism?
2. What is the cause of relativism?
3. How is relativism manifested in our culture?
4. How are Christians vulnerable to relativism?

Shaping Culture Through Business (secondary) Andrew Crapuchettes
Shaping Culture Through Business Q & A (secondary)
Work (elementary)

Elementary Questions:
1.  Why does our work have a purpose?   Our work has been given to us by God
2.  What has God promised to do to our work?  Bless it
3.  What has God given us to do our work?  He has given us strength/power

Secondary Questions:
1. Why should Christians think about starting a business?
2. What is the point of your vocation/business?
3. Do you need to hand out tracts to be a Christian at work?
4. Based on what I learned, how am I going to act differently next week?

Pornography (secondary) Pastor Jared Longshore
Pornography Q & A (secondary)
Godly Men & Godly Women (elementary)

Elementary Questions:
1. From each of the following passages, list what God says about what you should be aiming at to be a Godly man or woman: Genesis 2: 18, 1 Thessalonians 2: 7, 11, 1 Peter 3: 1-4, 7
2. Boys, In your own words, what sort of man do you want to become?
3. Girls, In your own words, what sort of woman do you want to become?

Secondary Questions:
1. What is peculiar about the sin of pornography, as opposed to the sin of adultery or fornication? (Fruitless, like homosexuality).
2. How does pornography destroy manhood? (Makes men passive)
3. How does pornography diminish womanhood? (Diminishes feminine glory)
4. Is pornography idolatrous? How so? (Rejects the Creator’s design for sex and worships self)
5. How can you ensure that you and your parents are on the same page when it comes to pornography?