Application & Tuition

Status for 2019/20 (beginning fall 2019): 

  • We have a waiting pool for some classes, and openings in others.  Contact the school if you have any questions.
  • International students:  Due to being over capacity in the high school, we are not currently accepting applications for foreign students requiring an I-20 visa.  For dependents with F-2 visas, admission is open.

Status for 2020/21 (beginning fall 2020): 

  • The application is open, as of August 26, 2019 (1 year early)

Note:  Preschoolers must be age 4 by June 1st (2.5 months before the start of school). 

If your child has attended Logos previously, or if you’ve previously filled out an application, you don’t need to create a new application.  Contact Logos and we will reactivate your old application.

Logos School (Moscow, Idaho) Application Information:  

At Logos School, we seek to provide a rich and nourishing environment where all may flourish. The spirit of unity on campus is fostered by parents who are actively involved, caring teachers who love their students and enjoy their work, and students who are growing in their understanding of Christ and the world they share together. At Logos School, we consider ourselves an extension of the family… a dynamic community of faith.

We accept applications throughout the academic year.  The basic process for new applicants is as follows:

The first day of school: Applications for the following year are accepted.

All year long: Applications may be submitted. Date of application will be recorded, but will not necessarily be a consideration in acceptance.

January 10 – 31: Re-enrollment of current families for the coming year. (New students from current families require a separate application.)

February 1 and after: Interviews, school visits, and requisite documentation related to each new applicant will be evaluated. This includes any applicable placement testing. Applications for 1st through 6th grade will be given an entrance exam. The cost of the exam is $25. Notification of acceptance or denial will be mailed to each applicant. Accepted applicants will receive all appropriate information for preparing for school including financial arrangements. If there is no space, the student’s name will be placed on a waiting list for that grade. Part-time applications will be considered after August 1.

A student’s prior academic achievements will certainly be considered in the application process, but only for grade placement, not as the primary determinant for acceptance. Again, we are seeking to enroll those students who, because of their family’s educational, behavioral, and spiritual priorities, will most benefit from what Logos School can offer them.

Tuition Information:

Tuition Yearly Monthly
Preschool (1/2 days, M/W/F) $1,512 / yr $126 / 12 months
Preschool (1/2 days, T/Th) $1,260 / yr $105 / 12 months
Kindergarten (1/2 days) $3,024 / yr $252 / 12 months
1st—12th Grade $4,700 / yr $392 / 12 months

*Based on full 12 months of payment cycle, May through April. If you are accepted after the month of May your full yearly tuition will be divided over the remaining months of the payment cycle, which will mean higher monthly tuition amounts.

Discounts (per family)

1-3 Students full price
4 Students 40% off 4th student
5+ Students 90% off 5th student or more
Full-time ministry discount 10% (Call to determine if applicable.)
Alumni discount 5% off each child

Part-Time Classes (secondary only)                                                                 

5 day a week class                           $750 / year
3 day a week class                           $450 / year
2 day a week class                           $300 / year

(The above tuition applies up to three classes* a year per student. Students taking four or more classes* pay full tuition. Part-time applications will be considered after August 1. *The equivalent of a 5 day a week class)

You must re-enroll and pay the $150 re-enrollment fee per child through RenWeb by January 22 to hold your child’s seat for the upcoming school year. Please note that failure to do either puts you at risk of losing that seat.

APPLICATION FOR NEW STUDENTS (Including siblings of current students)
The opportunity to apply stays open throughout the year. It is done online through RenWeb, and the fee is $30.

Only after you are accepted do you enroll and pay the $150 per child enrollment fee.

If you anticipate a problem paying the re-enrollment or enrollment fee please contact Dr. Stephenson at to work out an alternative arrangement.

Tuition Fee: Monthly tuition payments are due by the fifth working day of each month unless other arrangements are made. The payment cycle runs for the 12 months of May through April. Families may opt to pay tuition over fewer months than 12 but the full yearly tuition must be paid in full by the end of April. All families will be invoiced for their first tuition
payment on April 15. Your first monthly payment in May signals your financial commitment for the entirety of the following school year. We will begin hiring teachers, setting salaries and buying curriculum based on that commitment. You will not be let out of the contract if your child is withdrawn or expelled. The only exception would be when the vacated seat is filled by an incoming student in that class.

Click here to apply online: Online Admission Application