Each year the high school students participate in the Logos Protocol program in which we teach the importance of manners and deference.  After teaching classes on proper dress, the art of conversation, table etiquette, and more, we create an enjoyable social event in which the students can practice and become comfortable with what they have learned.  Each year the juniors and seniors participate in High Protocol, a formal event, usually in Spokane.  The freshmen and sophomores participate in Protocol, a local semi formal event.

Last year the juniors and seniors had dinner at the Glover Mansion and then attended the Broadway production of Beauty and the Beast in Spokane, Washington.

It is important to keep in mind that this is not the equivalent of “prom” or a date–it’s better.  The young men are assigned a young lady to escort for the first half of the event, and escorts are changed at least once during the evening.