LOGOS SCHOOL UPDATE – Summer Update #1

-------------  GENERAL  -------------

Summer Office Hours: The Logos West Office will be open from 9:00 a.m. to noon, Monday through Thursday during the summer.  The office will be closed the week of July 1st-5th. 

-------------  ELEMENTARY ------------

Supply lists for next year: For all you parents that like to proactively look for deals, here is next year’s supply list by grade level.  

-------------  SECONDARY ------------

New Hires: We are thankful to announce that Mr. Chris King has been hired to teach New Testament Survey (1 section of 8th Grade), Mr. Josiah Dyer has been hired to teach Old Testament Survey (1 section of 7th grade), and Mr. Joshua Dockter has been hired to teach Spanish III (11th and 12th grade).  

Teacher Openings:  We now have an opening to teach Algebra II (10th grade) and Functions and Statistics (11th grade).  For anyone interested in teaching next year, please contact Mr. Wiggins.

Elective Teachers: Next year we will split electives according to the Logic School (7-9th grade) and the Rhetoric School (10-12th grade).  Rhetoric School electives will meet during 5th period (12:40-1:30) and Logic School electives will meet during 6th period (1:35-2:25) on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Logos parents or grandparents interested in teaching a secondary elective next year, please contact Mr. Wiggins.

------------- ACTIVITIES  ------------

Physicals for 2024-25 School year:  If you need physicals for your athletes for the coming school year Story Family Medicine is offering physicals June 15 and July 6th..  There is no charge for the physicals but donations are encouraged. All donations go to support the Logos Athletic Trainer Department. Consult the Logos forms and fees page to determine if your student needs a physical for the coming year.  Remember to upload all documents to your dragonfly account. 

--------  LOOKING AHEAD --------

2024-25                  Next year’s school calendar can be found here

Mid-July 2024        Parents can specify Elementary Teacher and Classmate Preferences 

End of July 2024    Elective Selection for secondary students

August 26, 2024     First Day of Classes