New!  Uniform Policy for next year (2023-24)

Please see these three documents for details on next year’s uniform:

        Letter from Board Chairman, Luke Jankovic

        23-24 Uniform (words)

        23-24 Uniform (pictures)

Current Info for this year (2022-23):  

Dear Logos Families,

Our school board, admin. team, and a gifted team of alumni have been working hard to improve our overall branding and school uniforms. We are now ready to share some of the fruit of our labors with you. Please click on the link below to see a letter from the board, an explanation of our new Legacy Mark and Student Life Crest, and upgrades to our Uniform Policy. The uniform transition plan allows all of us a year to work through the details and make small adjustments before it is required in the fall of 2023. We are excited to be moving forward on these fronts and grateful for the leadership of our board.


Matt Whitling

Logos School Superintendent

Click here for the 22-23 Uniform Guidelines (download to your device for the best results)


22-23 Elementary ties for boys are available here (be sure to select the classic navy and gold stripe), crossover ties for elementary girls are found here and secondary ties/scarves are available in the front office.

Uniform FAQ

  1. I already bought my child’s uniforms for this year.  Do I need to start over?  No.  This year, your student may wear ANY uniform piece that was allowed under last year’s guidelines.  They may also wear any piece allowed under the new guidelines.  They are free to mix and match (ie., girls may wear jeans and a polo on Tuesdays and Thursdays; boys may wear a blue oxford with jeans any day but Friday).  Nothing from the new guidelines is required this year except the scarf/tie, which will be provided.
  2. Do I have to purchase the new uniform from the links?  We already own dark wash jeans.  For this year you may purchase items that look similar to the items pictured.  You are not required to purchase the items indicated by the links.  Items you already own that are visually similar are fine to use.  The only exception is the tennis shoes, which must be the same brand/style as specified in the links.
  3. My student does not fit mens/womens sizes yet, but I would like to purchase some of the new uniform pieces.  What should I do?  Using the pictures in the new uniform guide, feel free to select appropriately sized items that look visually similar.
  4. My student’s feet are too wide for the Nike shoes.  What should I do? If your student’s feet are too wide and you would like to buy some, choose a pair of better-fitting white tennis shoes visually similar to the Nikes.
  5. Do I have to purchase the white tennis shoes?  As with the rest of the uniform, the white shoes are completely optional this year.  If you do not wish to purchase the new shoes, students may wear dress shoes that fit the guidelines from last year.  Students may not wear tennis shoes or sneakers that do not fit the new guidelines.
  6. What shoes are the girls allowed to wear with skirts?  The girls may wear any close-toe, conservative dress shoe (consistent with last year’s guidelines) with skirts.  They may also wear the ballet flat style Keds in the new guidelines.  They may not wear any of the lace-up tennis shoes with skirts.  They may wear any of the allowed shoes with slacks and jeans.
  7. What sweaters/blazers are allowed under the new guidelines?  For this year, all sweaters and blazers allowed under the former guidelines are still allowed.
  8. What are the requirements for when and how the girls need to wear the scarf?  For this year, the scarf is only required on Fridays (next year it will be Monday, Wednesday, Friday).  The scarf must be worn through the collar (like a tie), but can be tied how they like.  Young women may use an additional scarf as a hair tie/headband any day of the week if desired.
  9. Are the boys required to wear only the school tie?  No, for this year, boys may wear a conservative tie or the school tie on Mondays and Wednesdays. Boys are required to wear the school tie on Fridays.
  10. I have elementary-aged students.  Can they wear the older ties? Yes, for now.   Logos will be supplying the new boy’s ties for elementary.  There is no change for the girl’s crossover ties.
  11. I have more questions.  I have feedback.  Who do I contact?  For questions on the uniform, contact Mackenzie Miller For feedback, you can contact Matt Whitling, Wally Wiggins, or Mackenzie Miller.

Click here for the 21-22 Uniform Guidelines.

Clarifications for secondary students (21-22):