Reduced Tuition Plan (RTP)

Description: Since opening our doors in 1981, Logos School has not turned away one family unable to afford the entire tuition. RTP was established by Logos to support families who wish to provide their children with a Christian education, but need financial assistance to do so. Logos does not have an endowment or scholarship money. All of the reduced tuition we grant comes directly from our budget, that is, from employee salaries. We are committed to giving sacrificially so that tuition is within reach.

Policy: RTP is need-based (i.e. financial need) rather than merit (i.e. grades). RTP awards are made yearly. A new application must be submitted every year.  Families on RTP volunteer in the school, and log their hours.  


  1. Check with your church’s Christian education fund, and pursue other sources of assistance, such as grandparents, who are often happy to contribute.
  2. Fill out a Logos RTP application (here) which includes basic financial info. 
  3. Participate in our RTP Volunteer Program (all family members may participate) and log hours in FACTS. Your help as a volunteer reduces the school’s expenses and makes tuition reduction possible going forward.
    1. Contact Mrs. Holly Berry, the volunteer coordinator.  She will discuss with families receiving RTP their volunteer hour goal, and possible slots that need to be filled.
    2. Log volunteer hours in FACTS.  Here’s a two-minute video that demonstrates how to log volunteer hours in FACTS:  Logging RTP Hours


RTP Application Fees & Timing:

  • $0 Apply for RTP by April 1st (or if admitted after this date, within 2 weeks of being accepted)
  • $50 Apply for RTP by May 1st 
  • $100 Apply for RTP from May 2nd to the first day of school 

*The reason for application fees is to encourage families to apply in a timely manner so that we can budget accordingly.


  1.  What sorts of volunteer tasks fall under RTP?   Answer:  General categories include room moms, assisting teachers, reading groups, recess, landscaping, cleaning, some coaching, snow shoveling, and maintenance.  Indicate your interest on the RTP application form (a fuller list is there)
  2. How many hours do I volunteer?  Your goal will be 1 to 3 hours per week, depending on level of assistance.  All family (and extended family) may contribute hours.