Reduced Tuition Plan (RTP)

Since opening our doors in 1981, Logos School has not turned away one family unable to afford the entire tuition. Regarding any tuition concerns….please don’t let a possible financial burden keep you from applying. We seek to strengthen families, not profit margins. 

Families seeking reduced tuition must:

  1. Apply by April 15th.  Applicants admitted after April 15 are exempt from this deadline.  The application consists of two parts:
    1. Go through a need verification process with FACTS. Link to apply online:  FACTS AID
    2. Fill out a Logos RTP Application.  See the form here:  Logos RTP Application
  2. Participate in our Volunteer Program. Your help as a volunteer reduces the school’s expenses and makes tuition reduction possible going forward.  Mrs. Holly Berry is the volunteer coordinator, and contacts families receiving RTP to discuss volunteer slots that need to be filled.


Here’s a two-minute video that demonstrates how to log volunteer hours in FACTS:  Logging RTP Hours