Logos School Grandparents’ Day

No classes for secondary students (7th – 12th). We are simply out of parking and physical space inside the school on this day. Work will be assigned to be completed at home.  

Lower Elementary Grandparents’ Day:  Preschool-2nd grade students will perform at the Nazarene Church.  Check your student’s HAS for specific classroom instructions.  Kindergarten is the last performance, finishing at approximately 9:50. After your student’s performance, their teacher will walk the class to the Nazarene Church foyer for pickup.  Students are dismissed for the day after their class performance.

Logos West Grandparents’ Day:  Classes begin at 8:30, as usual.  Class performances take place during the morning.  Each classroom has an open house starting at 12:00; feel free to visit your student’s classroom and other classrooms to view history projects on display in 3rd-6th grade elementary classrooms. Students are dismissed for the day at 12:00.

The Spring Concert is at the Nazarene Church at 7 pm.