Logos School Grandparents’ Day

Grandparents’ Day: We have a super day planned for grandparents, parents, family, friends, and prospective families Friday, May 5th.  The morning will open at the Nazarene Church with performances from Preschool-2nd grade and then we will kick things off at Logos West starting at 10:30 (please see the attached schedule-there have been some changes). We are looking forward to a great day!

  • Lower Elementary Grandparents’ Day:  Preschool-2nd grade students will be performing at the Nazarene church this year.  Please check your student’s HAS for specific classroom instructions.  Please note that times have changed slightly to accommodate travel to the performance at West (see attached schedule).  Kindergarten is the last performance in the Lower Elementary, they will finish at approximately 10:10. After your student’s performance, their teacher will walk the class out to the Nazarene Church foyer for pickup.  Students are dismissed for the day after their class performance.
  • Logos West Grandparents’ Day:  Our 1st presentation will be at 10:30 in the gym (3rd grade).  This will be followed by the 4th-6th grade choirs in a short performance.  From 11:30 – 1:00, you are free to take your children/grandchildren out to lunch or bring lunch here.  We will have tables set up in the lunchroom as well as in the back of the gym.  It is a busy day for area restaurants so many families either prepare a lunch or order one and enjoy eating together on campus.  Also during the 90-minute lunch is an Open House at Logos West.  Feel free to visit your student’s classroom (and other classrooms).  History projects will be on display in all elementary classrooms. 
  • Reminder for Secondary Students:  Secondary students may only attend a sibling’s event with prior approval from the front office based on a request from parents (all requests must be submitted no later than today, May 3).  Students who do not have prior approval will not be allowed to attend.
  • Note for new families: Almost all elementary students will have a grandparent or parent take them out to lunch this Friday. Even if you don’t have grandparents in town, this can be a fun opportunity to spend time with your kids and enjoy an extra long lunchtime with them!