Visit Logos

We invite you to tour our school, observe a class, and meet our teachers and administrators. To schedule a visit, simply call our main office at 208.882.1226.

In order to better prepare for your arrival, we ask that you complete the following form prior to your campus visit:

Visitor Request Form

We look forward to meeting you!

Visitor Guidelines:

We respectfully request that our visitors comply with the following guidelines to ensure everyone benefits. These are general guidelines and can be adjusted on a case-by-case basis.

We’d like school visits not to be a distraction, disrupting the teacher’s schedule or curriculum plan for the day. Visitors will be given school maps and general schedules for the day and encouraged to float quietly between classrooms. Visitors can move to another classroom if there is a test, substitute, or study day.

  1. All visits must be scheduled through the Visitor Coordinator (Paula Casebolt) at least a week in advance.

  2. Visitors must check in at the front desk for visitor badges.

  3. One visitor group per week, a maximum of 6 visitors at a time.

  4. Visits should be kept to 1/2 a day in any one class, one day total.

  5. Please refrain from distracting or speaking to a teaching or otherwise preoccupied teacher.  Very young children can be a distraction, so we ask that they not be in the classrooms.  You are welcome to quietly observe a class and see if a time can be mutually arranged to talk to the teacher or staff member.

  6. Please respect the class’ materials, papers, books, etc.

  7. Check with the appropriate principal before seeking an interview with a student.

  8. There should be no more than one observer in a class at a time (aside from a parent accompanying a prospective student).

  9. Scheduled visits will avoid finals week, the first and last weeks of school, and Knights’ Fest.

  10. Please, no video or pictures.