SNOW NEWS (“is good news?”)

SNOW NEWS (“is good news?”)


1. If some morning you are not sure if we will be opening due to heavy snow, please take the following actions:

a. Do NOT assume that we will close if any or all of the local government schools or other private schools close. Each school makes its own determination. We will attempt to stay open as much as possible. We are here to provide your student a valuable education and we are committed to doing that every day we can physically open the school and provide a safe environment.

b. There are a few ways to find out if we are open:

*Check for current information on our website ( This will be the first and best option we will use to let you know. I will make a determination no later than 6:45 am and we will post any closures as soon as possible.

*We will also call some local radio stations. Please tune in to KRPL 1400AM or ZFUN 106FM (KRPL has somewhat better music) to hear if we are closed.

*Call other, local parents, if you have trouble getting on line.

c. If you do not see or hear that Logos School is closed by 7:00 am, you may rather safely assume we will be open. Nevertheless, if you determine that it would not be safe to bring your child, please remain at home. We will help your child make up any missed work.

2. We also realize that, although we may be open, bad weather may prevent some of our long-distance families from getting in to school. If that becomes the case, we will do our best to help the kids make up any missed work.


1. Since winter may last for some time (as it has been known to do), we would like you to know our snow-related guidelines at Logos:

a. Only students who are prepared to be outside will be allowed to be out in the cold and snow. This will obviously be more strictly enforced with the elementary, but secondary students should also be aware of setting a good example for the younger ones.

b. Snowball throwing and sledding will not be allowed. (Snow forts, snowmen, and angels are fine!)

c. On the days that are too cold to be outside, the students will play in the gym.

2. When driving into the Logos parking lots on snow-covered roads, please pull forward as far and as quickly as possible before stopping. This helps others behind you by not having to stop on the slope and possibly sliding back down. This is true for both school and gym lots. Be sure to signal adequately when turning left off of A street into our gym parking lot – the potential for rear-end collisions there is high at any time. (When in doubt about the slopes, we recommend using the lowest lot off Baker – easy in, easy out!)

Thank you for your cooperation with these adjustments we need to make for winter. May God grant us all a safe and productive winter.

In Him,

Tom Garfield, Superintendent

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