Big Doings!

Dear Parents,

Greetings. We are well into the second semester and much has been happening that I’d like to tell you about and even solicit your input. A side note to our newest families: It may be tempting to think that the sun and warmer weather are a harbinger of spring: do not be fooled – we call this our False Spring. It tricks many UI students into breaking out flip-flops and shorts. Winter is not done yet!

Last Friday night the Logos Moms did a fantastic job of hosting our annual Friends of Logos Auction/Dessert! I was pleased to see how many families were able to come and enjoy the delightful atmosphere, donations and desserts. After a rousing live auction, (that ended with selling a year’s personalized parking spot for $3,600!) Nate Wilson (’96) spoke of the value of Logos to his family, then asked folks to contribute as they were able. He explained that all proceeds from this event go toward covering the many tuition scholarships we bestow each year.

The final tally, both from gifts given before the event and from that night totaled almost $40,000! This is even more than the generous out-pouring at last year’s Friends of Logos 30th birthday bash!

The next day, Saturday, was our school board’s annual planning meeting. This was held at Doug Wilson’s home from 8:30-4:00. The primary topic of discussion and planning was the potential future campus of Logos School. I won’t take the time here to go into all that was discussed, but please pray for the board as it navigates through this very complicated, but critical path. We want to follow the Lord’s leading and are seeking His clear direction, and provision, for ideally about 20 acres and a school facility that would hold 600 students, be visually attractive, and enhance the teaching of the trivium. A tall order by any measure!

Finally, an immediate need that has become more apparent with our larger enrollment:I need to address and would appreciate some suggestions from you regarding our drop-off/pick-up and parking procedures. While the sale of one spot was humorous at the auction, parking spots can be difficult to find or use for parents, especially with snow on the ground. I am working with Mr. Whitling and my custodial staff to come up with some ideas for increasing the safety of the students, as well as the ease of your getting in and out of our lots. There will be more coming soon on this, but I welcome your suggestions.

Tom Garfield

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