New Bleachers!

Dear Parents,
Greetings. We are very excited and thankful for our wonderful new
bleachers! I’ve included two photos of them: the east side set show them
closed and the west set are open. As you may have heard, Christ Church
offered us a deal too good to miss – they are paying for the east side and
Logos is paying for the west side, but obviously Logos gets to keep them
all. The total cost was just over $60,000, or $30,000 for Logos. (You
probably received our gift-designation yellow card, which included the cost
of the bleachers.)

These are not only much safer and more attractive bleachers, they are
electric so they slide in and out with the touch of a button (we are in the
21st century)!

Some folks have asked about the yellow seats – our school colors are
still primarily navy blue and white. However, we added a third color, gold,
several years ago to make our teams’ uniforms sharper looking. Using white
seats for bleachers would’ve been a bad idea since they would show the dirt
very quickly. Hence the yellow seats for “LHS” (Logos High School).
We have desired this kind of a bleacher system since we put up the gym
in 1998 and the Lord has now blessed us with them! Come and try them out as
you cheer on the Knights!
Tom Garfield


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