LOGOS SCHOOL UPDATE – 2012/13 – #13

LOGOS SCHOOL UPDATE – 2012/13 – #13



Finish Strong: There are only three weeks left in the 2nd quarter.  Encourage your kids to finish strong.



Library Times: Each class visits the Logos library to check out reading books once a week. I’ve attached a library schedule so that you can talk to your kids about what books they are checking out and reading for fun.



Spanish I: We are pleased to announce that the school board has approved Spanish I as a new class that will be offered to our seniors for the spring semester. Mrs. Abby Holloway, wife of our conditioning elective teacher Nick, will be teaching the class 7th period each day. Abby has 11 years of teaching experience in Portland, and we are very thankful that she will be joining our staff after Christmas break. I have included a summary how this class could fit into a senior’s class load below*.


Finals Schedule: The 1st Semester Finals Schedule is attached. This is a good time to start reviewing.


For more information about the school please visit https://logosschool.com/




Matt Whitling



*Seniors must be enrolled in at least six credits of approved coursework each semester.

                -Seniors are required to take Apologetics and Rhetoric IV.

                -Seniors are required to take at least two of the following courses: British Literature, Civics, Calculus, Physics

                -Additional credits may come from internships, independent studies, and/or Spanish I.



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