LOGOS SCHOOL UPDATE – 2012/13 – #14

LOGOS SCHOOL UPDATE – 2012/13 – #14



Student Council Ball: Elementary and secondary students are invited to the student council ball this Friday (Dec. 7) at the field house! Elementary (6:30-8) Secondary (8-10) Price is $5 per person and $15 per family.

Required Attire:
Men: dress shirts, ties and slacks
Ladies: knee length dresses/skirts, no strapless tops, halter tops, or spaghetti straps, modest neckline.
Shoes: Clean athletic non-marking shoes on the floor only. No dress shoes or high heels.



Homework-0-Meter Results: Homework surveys are in, and we’ve crunched the numbers below.  Parents, thank you for taking the time to complete the surveys!


Actual Numbers:                                           Guidelines (per night/5 days a week):

1a=12 min.                  1b=8 min.                    15 min.

2a=17 min.                  2b=14 min.                  30 min.

3a=16 min.                  3b=17 min.                  45 min.

4a=29 min                   4b=33 min.                  45 min.

5=25 min.                                                            45 min.

6=58 min.                                                            60 min.



Fall Finals Schedule: Final exams will take place the week before Christmas break. See the attached schedule to start planning ahead.


Spring Semester Electives: An email went out last week that had information about signing up for spring electives. Please complete the online registration for that soon.


Seniors Spring Class Proposals: December 10th is the due date for 2nd semester course registrations and for independent study/internship proposals. Register for classes by following the link on the email that was sent out last week. All independent study and internship proposals must be submitted to me via email by the 10th.


For more information about the school please visit https://logosschool.com/




Matt Whitling



*Seniors must be enrolled in at least six credits of approved coursework each semester.

                -Seniors are required to take Apologetics and Rhetoric IV.

                -Seniors are required to take at least two of the following courses: British Literature, Civics, Calculus, Physics

                -Additional credits may come from internships, independent studies, and/or Spanish I.



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