Logos Times, Winter 2013

Logos Times, Winter 2013

Annie Brings Smiles
The sun will come out tomorrow…it’s a good thing to hear in November. Once again Annie brought in smiles, starring Morgan Schlect as the little redhead who never gives up hope. The musical has been popular since it was written in 1976. Not only is it the rags-to-riches story of an orphan, it is the story of a man who realizes what riches really are. More than a thousand people attended…

Superintendent’s Soliliquy
High on anyone’s list of Christmas movies has to be It’s A Wonderful Life. It made its theater debut in 1947 but didn’t hit classic, icon status until it was shown repeatedly on TV, starting in the ‘50’s…Following this theme, I’ve often pondered: what would life have been like if Logos School had never been born…er…founded?…

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