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Logos Times, April/May/June, 2012

Mock Trial Finishes Fifth in the Nation

The notoriously difficult,mind-chugging and sleep-depriving Mock Trial season plowed through six months of preparation and competition. Ending with a smashing hit of fifth place in the nation, the team set the record for the best result that team Idaho had ever seen. With 13 state championships, nine consecutive, Logos School has set a high standard for Idaho teams in the future…

Farewell Senior Class of 2012

We used to be fat kids, sissy kids, and kids that climbed on rocks. But now, after twelve-ish years of colliding in head-to-head disagreements and bouncing off each other’s humor, we are tall kids, reckless kids, and kids that jump off rocks. We steal boxes of doughnuts, and we love to learn. We take over every extracurricular activity in the school, and we dominate. We love our teachers, and we love the little children. We skydive, ski, study, and stay strong. We are the Class of 2012; Welcome to our world…

Benefit Concert Raises Over $54,000

Pianos, a program, and progress – the core of the 2012 Logos Dads project took “Operation: Piano Restoration” to success on April 21. With a grand total of more than $54,000, proceeds were directed mainly towards mortgage reduction and the Logos Music Department…

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