Logos Times, Spring 2013

Logos Times, Spring 2013

Friends of Logos Auction a Delightful Success
This year’s Friends of Logos auction/dessert was absolutely delightful and raised about $30,000! This goes a long way to meeting our Annual Fund goal of $145,000 by June 30. This was the second annual Friends of Logos that the Logos Moms put together. Kelly Driskill and other Logos Moms…

Superintendent’s Soliloquy; The Biblical Basis for Education
Please don’t immediately or unconsciously reinterpret the title above as “The Basis for Biblical Education.” There is a profound difference. (Also please note that I didn’t say “The Biblical Basis for Classical Education,” even though, without much effort I think that argument can be made, but that’s not my point here.) So, what’s the difference?…

Mock Trial Wins 15th State Championship
For the 15th time in 19 years (and ten years in a row), Logos has won the Idaho State Mock Trial Championship. They beat sister school Ambrose for the championship in Boise on March 23. The team now prepares for the National tournament from May 9-11 in Indianapolis.
Senior Kira Langworthy…

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