LOGOS SCHOOL UPDATE – 2022/23 #1 (Aug 25, 2022)

————-  GENERAL  ————-

Individual picture days are next week.

  • Logos East picture day: Wed, Aug 31st  (Your Logos East Admin team will coordinate times for the T/Th classes)

  • Logos South picture day: Thur, Sept 1st

  • Logos West (Main Campus) picture day: Fri, Sept 2nd

***Parents of both elementary and secondary students (all students from PK to 12), please have your students wear either church-appropriate attire (dress up, not down) or their dress uniforms.  Thank you!

We need 1 volunteer helper for the Logos West picture day (Friday, September 2nd) from 8:00 am – 3:00 pm.  This volunteer will receive a $50 gift card towards their child’s photo order.  The photographer has requested that the volunteer not bring their young children with them.  Contact the front office if you are interested @ (208) 882-1226

Welcome Back Ball: The Student Council will be hosting the Welcome Back Ball on Friday, August 26th.  The elementary dance will run from 6:00-7:30 pm, with a secondary dance practice following from 7:30-8:00 pm. After the dance practice, the secondary ball will run from 8:00-10:00 pm.  The cost will be $5 per student, no more than $15 per family. Parents are encouraged to attend and their admission is free. Attire for balls – Men: dress shirts, ties & slacks; Ladies: knee-length dresses/skirts, modest necklines, no strapless tops, halter-tops, or spaghetti straps; Shoes: Clean athletic shoes on the floor only. No dress shoes or high heels.  Logos Balls are for Logos students only.  

Volunteers: One of the things that sets Logos apart is the level of parent involvement in the school.  We simply could not provide this education without so many faithful parents and grandparents coming alongside our teachers and helping make our school better. At Back to School Night teachers will provide opportunities to help in the classroom. Please see a few other ways to get involved below:

  1. Grandfather’s Club: Last year we had a grandfather come once a week to help with light maintenance around the school. We would love to continue and expand this opportunity to provide extra horsepower to Mr. Berry as he transitions into his new role of Facilities Manager and oversees four locations this year. Please contact Adam Berry (a.berry@logosschool.com)

  2. Recess Volunteers: We are still in need of recess volunteers for each of our three campuses. This is a great way to bless your child’s teacher by coming for 15-20 minutes once or twice a week to help supervise students on the playground. Please contact the principal of the appropriate campus to express interest or to find out details. Logos West (3rd-6th): Mr. Jim Becker (jbecker@logosschool.com) Logos East (Pre & K) Mrs. Sawyer jsawyer@logosschool.com, Logos South (1st & 2nd):  Mrs. Porras kporras@logosschool.com 

  3. Snow Crew: We are looking for a group of guys who can come and help clear the stairs and sidewalks once the winter sets in. Please contact Adam Berry (a.berry@logosschool.com)

Absence Policy: The policy for the number of absences in a quarter as described in the Parent/Student Handbook (p.23) will be enforced this year.  The policy states, “More than five absences in a quarter will result in no credit for that quarter” and, “Requests for a waiver must be presented via email to the appropriate principal.”  If you know that your child will miss more than 5 days in a quarter due to a planned vacation or other known, non-school-related events, please request a waiver from the appropriate principal as early as possible.

Plastic Silverware: Please make sure to send this with your kids if they need it for lunch. The school does not provide these items.

Security on Campus: Starting Wednesday, August 24, only the main front door for each Logos Campus will remain unlocked during the school day.  All other outer doors will be locked during school hours.  All parents and visitors please check in with Mrs. Farley at the front office to receive a visitors badge before going to your child’s locker or classroom.

Parking at Logos West:  Please do not park in the upper parking lot between the gym and the playground during school hours.  That lot is used by the elementary school for recess. 

Labor Day: Monday, September 5 is Labor Day.  Logos School will hold classes as normally scheduled.  However, we encourage parents who have the day off from work to join your children here at school for lunch or take them off campus for lunch.

————-  ELEMENTARY  ————-

Assembly Accompaniment Tryouts:  4th – 6th-grade students are welcome to try out to accompany singing at elementary assemblies.  Tryouts will take place Monday, September 18 @ 12:00 in the lunchroom.  Student accompanists receive one free hot lunch for every assembly they accompany. The music is coming home today (Wednesday).

Speech Meet: Speech Meet information packets will be coming home with your students next week. All students in 1st-6th grade participate. Selections are due September 12.

————-  SECONDARY ————-

Scarves for the secondary ladies are for sale in the front office for $15 each.  

Field Day:  Friday, August 26 is Field Day.  Please take your students to Mountain View Park (2052 W. Mountain View Road) by 9:00 am.  All seniors will arrive by 8:30 am for set up.   Field Day will conclude at 3 pm.  Please pick up your children between 3-3:20 pm.  Students who normally drive to school are welcome to drive themselves to Mountain View Park.


Aug 26      Field Day, Secondary

Aug 26      Welcome Back Ball

Aug 31      Picture Day for Logos East

Sept 1        Picture Day for Logos South

Sept 2        Picture Day for Logos West



Loren Euhus

Assistant Superintendent, Logos School

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