LOGOS SCHOOL UPDATE – 2022 – Summer #6  (Aug 10, 2022) 

————-  GENERAL  ————-

Back To School Night: We are making a concerted effort to attract as many Logos families to this event as possible…even to the point of providing an ice cream social! Please join us as we hear from the following staff members: Matt Whitling-Teach the Diligently Initiative, Kalen Brockwalder, Jim Becker, Wally Wiggins-Principals’ Introduction, Loren Euhus-Parenting and Technology, Patrick Lopez-Logos Activities, Mackenzie Miller-Secondary Uniforms, and our Logos teachers presenting information about their classes. All meetings will take place Friday, August 19 in the following locations:

5:00 PM Logos East (Nazarene Church) – Preschool & Kindergarten

6:00 PM Logos South – 1st & 2nd Grade

7:00 PM Logos West (main school building) – All Family Meeting, Icecream Social, then 3rd-12th Grade classes 

Pull-up Bars.  Mr. Wiggins would like to build outdoor pull-up bars for 7-8th Grade PE.  Specifically, we could use 50 feet of  2” diameter (or larger) steel pipe to build the uprights. If you have scrap s steel pipe to donate to the cause please contact Mr. Wiggins.

Volunteers: One of the things that sets Logos apart is the level of parent involvement in the school.  We simply could not provide this education without so many faithful parents and grandparents coming alongside our teachers and helping make our school better. At Back to School Night teachers will provide opportunities to help in the classroom. Please see a few other ways to get involved below:

  1. Grandfather’s Club: Last year we had a grandfather come weekly to help with light maintenance around the school. We would love to continue and expand this opportunity to provide extra horsepower to Mr. Berry as he transitions into his new roll of Facilities Manager and oversees four locations this year. Please contact Adam Berry.  
  2. Recess Volunteers: We are in need of recess volunteers for each of our three campuses. This is a great way to bless your child’s teacher by coming for 15-20 minutes once or twice a week to help supervise students on the playground. Please contact the principal of the appropriate campus to express interest or to find out details. Logos West (3rd-6th): Mr. Jim Becker.   Logos East (Pre & K), Logos South (1st & 2nd): Mr. Kalen Brockwalder.  
  3. Snow Crew: We are looking for a group of guys who can come and help clear the stairs and sidewalks once the winter sets in. Please contact Adam Berry.  


————-  ELEMENTARY  ————-

Logos West Elementary Welcome Assembly: First day of school, August 22, from 9:00-9:30 AM in the gym.  Parents are welcome to attend.  Students are required to wear their dress uniform on the first day of school.

New Ties: The order for the elementary boys’ ties is taking longer to come in.  Elementary girls’ ties will remain the same (blue crossover). For boys who do not have a tie, any tie including last year’s tie (or even no tie) is acceptable until we provide the new one.  Thanks!

————-  SECONDARY ————-

Secondary New Student Orientation:  Friday, August 19 from 1-2pm in the Logos Gym.  All 7th graders and other new secondary students.  Parents are encouraged to attend.  Dress is casual.

Secondary Welcome Assembly: Tuesday, August 23 from 12:40-1:30 (5th period) in the Logos Gym.  Parents are encouraged to attend.  

Welcome to Logos Class:  Mrs. Courtney will be teaching a Welcome to Logos class Thursdays from 7:45-8:15 am during the first quarter.   This class is specifically designed for secondary students who are new this year to Logos School.  The class is mandatory for Junior High students and is highly encouraged for all High School students.  Please contact Mrs. Courtney if you have any questions.  

Girls PE Assistant Needed:  Any moms or sisters (college age or older) who are interested in assisting Mrs. Spencer with girls PE this year please contact Mrs. Spencer.  The PE class meets M-F during 7th period (2:30-3:20 pm).


Aug 19  Back to School Night

Aug 22  First Day of School

Aug 26  Field Day, Secondary

Aug 26  Welcome Back Ball



Loren Euhus

Assistant Superintendent, Logos School