2016-17 School Calendar: Next year’s school calendar has been posted on the school website. We have had such a positive response from parents regarding the extended spring break that we have built that into next year’s calendar as well.


Logos Summer Camps/Classes: Enrollment is open and the brochure can be found here.


Teaching Positions: We are currently accepting applications for the following teaching positions for the 2016-17 school year:


Elementary Latin (3rd-6th Grade), Old Testament Survey (7th Grade), Latin (7th Grade), Ancient History (7th Grade), English (7th Grade), Algebra I (8th Grade), and Algebra II (10th Grade).


We are looking for gifted teachers who are passionate about classical and Christian education. If you are interested, please submit a resume to me via email.



SATs: The 1st-6th graders will be taking the Stanford Achievement Tests the week of May 9th. Please avoid scheduling appointments at this time if at all possible.


Grandparents’ Day Projects: Please keep these simple. We do not expect you to spend lots of time or money on this. If you run into trouble, please check with your classroom teacher for help.



Boarding Opportunity: The following student has been accepted to Logos and is looking for a boarding situation for 2016-17. A typical range for boarding a high school student is $7,000-$10,000 for 9 months. If you would like more information please contact me.


A Brief Introduction of Chenglin Yu

I am Chenglin Yu. My English name is Daniel. I am a 15-year-old boy from Kunming, China. I plan to study at Logos School, Moscow, ID for four years starting this fall. My father is a Chief Justice of People’s Court of our district. My mother is a medical doctor at one of the largest hospitals in our city. I like playing basketball, swimming, riding bike, and watching movies. I have good health and am not allergic to any food so far. I hope to find a homestay family, which is open-minded and friendly. If you are interested please contact me at: mwu@advantage.education




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