LOGOS SCHOOL UPDATE – 2014-15 – #20


Reenrollment: Current student reenrollment for 2015-16 is taking place at this time. Simply follow the instructions below to secure a spot for your child via RenWeb.


To Reenroll:  log onto RenWeb and go to “Family Information …. Enrollment / Reenrollment.” Please complete no later than January 30.  This is for students currently enrolled at Logos who will be continuing here next year.  New students coming from current families must submit a new application.



Spelling Bee: The 1st – 6th graders will be competing in an in-school spelling bee February 5th. Lists and rules are posted on the website under Academics/Elementary Program/Spelling Bee.


Rhetoric Speech Meet (10th-12th Grade): The meet will take place February 27. Details are available on the school website.


Secondary Student Surveys

We have our secondary students evaluate each class they take twice a year. Here are a few things that students had to say about Mrs. Merkle:


-I love the class, have learned a lot, and even discovered a newfound enjoyment for literature.

-Love her!

-Mrs. Merkle enjoys having a discussion with us.

-She is very captivating.

-She enjoys her class with us.

-She’s brilliant!

-Mrs. Merkle is energetic and very funny. She always has some story to share.

-Love this class. Thanks for everything!

-This is my favorite class right now! I very much enjoy it.

-I really like her stories!

-I very much enjoy this class especially the discussions and the connections we make between literature and our lives.

-She’s really fun and there’s never a boring class period with her. Also, she’s been giving us really wise life/college tips so that’s nice.

-This is definitely one of my favorite classes, and Mrs. Merkle is one of my favorite teachers. I feel like I’m learning a lot.




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