LOGOS SCHOOL UPDATE – 2014-15 – #22

LOGOS SCHOOL UPDATE – 2014-15 – #22



Preschool 2015-16: The M/W/F morning class is currently full, but there is still room available in the two other classes (T/Th morning and M/W/F afternoon). A few people have asked when they can apply for the 2016-17 school year. We accept applications on the first day of school for the following academic year.



Rhetoric Speech Meet (10th-12th Grade): The meet will take place February 27. Details are available on the school website.


11th Grade MBA in a Day: EMSI will be hosting the Logos junior class for a full school day on March 12 for what they are calling “Logos MBA in a Day”. Using their operations at EMSI as an example, they are going to introduce the students to all of the functions that are required to run a business and the various occupations that are involved in each. For instance, a session on product development will explain how businesses create products and introduce students to various vocations in this area such as computer programming, design, and manufacturing. A session on finance will introduce students to all of the ways a business must collect, report, pay taxes on, and distribute money and the various jobs such as accounting, bookkeeping, and tax law that are available in this area. The day will consist of a number of short sessions on topics such as this.


The goal of the day is to give the students a better understanding of the business world and, more importantly, to start them thinking about the gifts, interests, and aptitudes they are gifted with and how they might use those to find a vocation they are passionate about. Rod Olps, EMSI’s human resources director, will spend the last section of the day discussing how students should think about their calling, furthering their education, and making key decisions at this stage in life as they grow in Christ and in maturity.


This event will be hosted at the EMSI office (409 S Jackson) and EMSI will be providing lunch for the students as part of the event.


Secondary Student Surveys

We have our secondary students evaluate each class they take twice a year. Here are a few things that students had to say about Miss Dow:

-Always cheerful. Her laugh is great.

-Useful class. I am getting much more comfortable with speaking in front of people. I enjoyed the poetry unit.

-She knows the subject well and she really enjoys teaching.

-Miss Dow is the happiest, most cheerful person I know.

-Miss Dow is a great example to us in the morning when we’re all tired. She greets us cheerfully and brightens up the day!

-She’s enthusiastic about what she teaches, which helps the students feel enthusiastic about the material.

-I love Miss Dow’s voices. She really makes Latin fun.




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