LOGOS SCHOOL UPDATE – 2014-15 – #15


Christmas Program: The Logos Christmas Program will take place in the gym this Friday, December 12 at 7:00 PM. All are invited to attend! The rehearsal will take place the same day at the following times: Secondary 8:25-9:15, Elementary (preschool-6th) 9:30-10:30. Elementary students will meet in the classrooms at 6:45 PM and secondary students in the auditorium at 6:30. Please bring preschoolers right to the gym at 6:45 PM. After they sing, the preschool-1st grade students will go to the back of the auditorium to meet and sit with their parents for the rest of the evening. Attire for performers…


Elementary: Logos dress uniform (young ladies may wear a special Christmas dress if desired, and young men are welcome to wear blazers).


Secondary: Logos dress uniform only. Blazers for young men and women are welcome.


Uniforms: This Friday is not a dress uniform day. Students will wear their normal uniforms to school on Friday so that their dress uniform is crisp and clean for the Christmas program that evening.


Home Basketball Game: This Tuesday will be a Fight’n Knight Day! Wear your Logos t-shirts and nice jeans to school and then come out and cheer for the high school boys at 6:00 PM as they play their first home basketball game of the season.



Elementary Boys Basketball Clinics: All Logos 1st through 6th grade boys are cordially invited to participate in a series of basketball clinics that will focus on the fundamentals of shooting, passing, dribbling, and defense. All clinics will take place on Saturdays from 9 – 11 AM in the Logos gym and will be coached and directed by Jed Whitling and Logos High School basketball players on the following dates: Dec. 20, 27 & Jan. 3, 10, 17. The cost is $20 for all five clinics. This is a great way to spend a Saturday morning and to get ready for the upcoming Moscow Parks and Recreation season.



Fall Finals Schedule: Final exams will take place next week. See the attached schedule to start planning ahead.


Grades: We are two weeks out from the end of the semester. This is a good time to sit down with your secondary student and look at their grades on RenWeb.


Trivia Day: Next Friday after finals we will have a pizza party.  Guys, please bring six “individual” drinks – cans of pop, bottles of water, or Gatorade. (No two-liter bottles please).  Ladies, please bring something for dessert.


Secondary Student Surveys

We have our secondary students evaluate each class they take twice a year. Here are a few things that students had to say about Mrs. Courtney this semester:


-She’s fun and she’s my favorite!

-I love how she puts so much energy and fun into class time.

-I like how she seems to love working with us.

-She is very knowledgeable.

-She obviously cares about her students-strict but funny.

-She’s awesome!

-She is cheerful and caring and fun to be around.

-She is always enthusiastic in whatever she is teaching.

-I can really tell that Mrs. Courtney wants us to succeed and I appreciate when she encourages us before tests and projects.



Thank you.



Matt Whitling

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