Summer Update #2


Summer Update #2


Hair Cuts: Gentlemen, please note the 08-09 hair guidelines, “If a young man’s hair is below the middle of his collar, hanging down in his face, or covering any part of his ears it will be considered too long.”

Registration Days (Aug. 18 & 19): Please bring the following information with you:

-Elective Choices (7th-12th only)

-Class registration form (seniors only)

-Updated contact information (phone, email, address)

-Any school clothes that you want to donate to the Uniform Exchange

-Updated immunization records (State law requires that each child either be current in their immunizations or that the parents sign an exemption form. See for immunization requirements.


Elementary PE: A few fathers have volunteered to teach PE in the elementary so far-thank you! There are still 4-5 classes that could still use a parent volunteer. Most elementary PE classes meet twice a week for 30 minutes each. Please let me know if you are interested in helping out in this way.


Senior Proposals: This Friday Senior Proposals are due for those students who want to participate in an Internship, Independent Study, Correspondence Course, or University Class. Please email me (mwhitling@gmailcom) your proposal on or before Friday. Check the Logos Principal’s Page for details on writing your proposal.

Elective News: The board interviewed and hired Mr. Matt Meyer yesterday to teach our Practical Christianity elective. Matt works closely with Jim Wilson at Community Christian Ministries here in Moscow. We are delighted to have him teaching at Logos.