Summer Update #3


Summer Update #3


First Dress-Uniform Day: Please note that the first day of school will be a dress-uniform day for the elementary and secondary. We are looking forward to starting the year off strong.

Fight’n Knight Shirts: The Logos Game Day Fight’n Knight shirts are in and all secondary students will receive theirs on the first day of school. Fight’n Knight shirts will be available for sale at Registration Days if you would like to purchase one for your elementary student, friends or family. Students, elementary and secondary, may wear the Fight’n Knight shirt and a nice pair of jeans to school on special designated occasions (1st home games, 1st tourney games, Trivia Day, etc…).


Preschool Waiting List: Preschool currently has a total of 19 students enrolled in two classes. Due to the great interest in preschool this year the board has directed me to open a preschool waiting list for 2009-2010. If you are interested in reserving a slot for your child next year, please follow this procedure:

1. Complete an application. These can be found at the Logos Principal’s Page.

2. Schedule a parent interview with the front office (unnecessary for current Logos families).

3. Pay the preschool materials fee of $50.

There are two students already on the list!

PE: We are still looking for a few more parent volunteers for elementary PE. Please contact me if you are interested in helping out.


Cell Phones & Other Electronic Devices: Given the recent media attention to cell phones in the classroom, some of you may be wondering what our guidelines are. Here you go:

  1. Cell Phones, Palm Pilots, etc.: These are allowed at school but not in the classrooms. Students should store their phone in their car or in their locker at the beginning of the day.
  2. IPODs, MP3s, cameras, hand-held games, etc.: These are not allowed at school.
  3. Laptop Computers: These are allowed at school and may be used only for writing papers or giving power point presentations. Students are not allowed to access the internet at school. Movies and music may not be used at school.

All for now. We’re looking forward to a great year!