LOGOS SCHOOL UPDATE – 2023/24 – Update #13 (Nov 15, 2023) 

————-  GENERAL  ————-

Cancellation or Delayed Start Time:  Logos School rarely closes, but in case of closure or delay due to severe weather, Mr. Whitling or Mr. Euhus will send an official email by 7 am. Closure/delay information will also be posted on our website, specifically as an update on the “Parent Portal” page.  Do not assume that Logos School is closed if other schools are closed; every school district makes its own determination.  If Logos School stays open and you do not think it safe to travel to school, please do what you deem best for your family. We will help students make up any missed work. 

Logos West Drop Off & Pick Up: Please pull all the way forward when dropping off or picking up students from the front parking lot. Do not stop at the top of the drive or the front stairs, as this backs up traffic on the hill and becomes dangerous when ice is present. Pulling all the way forward to the portables creates space so that other families do not need to stop and slide on the hill. Thank you!

————  ELEMENTARY  ———–

2nd Grade Play: Logos South has an assembly tomorrow (11/16).  Mrs. Hawthorne’s class will perform a 2nd-grade classic, The Empty Pot.  The play will begin at 8:30 a.m. at Logos South. We will reserve the small parking area in front of the school (the normal teacher’s lot) for anyone who needs easy access.  

Logos West 3rd Grade Play: Mrs. Joy Carlson’s 3rd-grade class will perform in the gym (main campus) this Friday, Novemer 17. The show will open with Mrs. Akin and Mrs. Bradley’s 3rd grade class recitation at 8:35. All are welcome!

Elementary Midterms: Elementary midterms (Main, South, and East Campuses) will come home this week. Please complete and return these by Wednesday, November 29. 

————-  SECONDARY ————

Preparation for the final weeks of the semester:  After Thanksgiving, we will have only three weeks remaining until finals and the end of the semester. Please encourage your students to use the Thanksgiving Break wisely to prepare for a fast finish to the semester.  It should be a great time to complete term papers and projects.  

————- ACTIVITIES  ————

Fight’n Knight Day: This Friday, November 17th, will be a Fight’n Knight Day in celebration of the first high school girls basketball home game.

Fall Activities: Congratulations to our varsity football team on going 9-1 this season.  The team won the 2023 White Pine League Championship and claimed 3rd place in the state tournament. 


Nov 20-24 Thanksgiving Vacation, no school

Dec 1 Family Friday, half day of school

Dec 1 Christmas Ball

Dec 8 Christmas Program

Dec 18-20 Final Exams, secondary

Dec 20 Half day of school to end the quarter

Dec 21-Jan 3 Christmas Vacation

Jan 4 First day of the third quarter




Loren Euhus

Assistant Superintendent, Logos School