Teacher Workday: This week is the last week of the quarter. Encourage your child to finish strong! Friday, October 19, is a teacher workday (no school for students and the front office will be closed). Teachers will be wrapping up the first quarter (grades and report cards) and preparing for the second quarter. There will be no dress uniform day this week.


The Count of Monte Cristo: The Logos drama production of The Count of Monte Cristo will be running from November 1-3. Click here for information about the dinner theater and other details!


NBC Basketball Clinic (Kendrick, ID): Coach John Fazio will be putting on a clinic for boys and girls ages 10-15 on November 3. He’s a great coach and NBC has as super reputation. Click here for more information.



Parent/Teacher Conferences: Almost all of the scheduling is complete. A reminder email will be sent out the Monday before conferences. If you have not scheduled yet, please visit this site to do so: http://www.ptcfast.com/schools/Logos . The Wilson/Calene fourth grade Parent/Teacher conferences will be on Monday and Tuesday (Oct. 29 and 30). Please see the HAS for details.


Assembly: This Thursday morning Mrs. Kappmeyer and Mrs. Anderson’s 6th graders will be on stage in the gym. The assembly will start with a short recitation by Mrs. Sumpter and Mrs. Bradley’s 4th grade class at 8:35. All are welcome!



Junior High Boys Basketball: Here are few details about the season: We are allowing sixth graders to play this year. The start date is October 23rd and the season will run through the second week of December. The cost to participate is $60 per athlete. There is no additional paperwork that needs to be completed by families. Practice will generally be from 5:30-6:45pm in the evening after the first two weeks. Throughout the season, practices and games combined will take up, on average, 3-4 nights a week. Students must have earned a 2.5 GPA or higher the previous quarter in order to play.

High School Boys and Girls Basketball: Girls begin on 10/29 and boys on 11/9. All 9th and 11th graders coming out for basketball need to have a physical on file with the school before the first day of practice. All 10th and 12th graders coming out for basketball need to have an Interim Questionnaire Form on file with the school before the first day of practice. These forms can be found on the school website under the Athletics tab. The participation fee for High school basketball is $90 per athlete. Students must have earned a 2.5 GPA or higher the previous quarter in order to play.

Study Tip of the Week

From this point on, the speech meet judges will not have a copy of each student’s selection in front of them.  If your child misses a word or even a whole line from his selection, the best thing to do is – smile and keep on reciting.  If the student continues on confidently after a mistake, there’s a good chance that no one else will even notice.





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