Feed the Need: This Friday students should wear their Fight’n Knight t-shirts and nice jeans to school. Tennis shoes are fine. Please avoid sandals and other more casual footwear. Students are welcome to wear their Logos caps while working in the gym, but they should stay in lockers before and after the event. We are looking forward to a great day!


Two Weeks Left: There are only two weeks left in the first quarter. This is a good time to check grades on Renweb (grades 2-12) and make sure that your student is ready to finish the quarter strong!



Parent/Teacher Conferences: Almost all of the scheduling is complete. A reminder email will be sent out the Monday before conferences. If you have not scheduled yet, please visit this site to do so: http://www.ptcfast.com/schools/Logos . The Wilson/Calene fourth grade Parent/Teacher conferences will be on Monday and Tuesday (Oct. 29 and 30). Please see the HAS for details.



PSAT: The 10th and 11th graders will be taking the PSAT the morning of October 10 in the gym.

Study Tip for the Week

Plan ahead. Sit down with your child on Saturday and read over the HAS (elementary) or the Weekly Test Schedule (secondary) together. Talk about the tests and assignments with your child so that he is prepared before the week begins. A few minutes of discussion and study Saturday morning can help take the pressure off in the middle of the week when the circus is in full swing. One elementary example is having your child learn the first 7 Latin and spelling words on Saturday. This puts them in the position of starting the following week ahead of the game. If your child is in 2nd-12th grade, their grades are available on RenWeb. Many families use the weekend to check on academic progress so that they can help emphasize areas that may need extra attention.




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