WINTER BALL: This Friday, January 8, at the Logos Gym! Elementary 6:00-7:30pm/Secondary 7:30-10:00pm. $5.00 per person, or $15 per family. Parents are welcome to come for free! ATTIRE: Men: dress shirts, ties and slacks. Ladies: knee length dresses/skirts, no strapless/halter/or spaghetti strap tops; modest neckline. Clean, athletic shoes on floor only; no dress shoes or high heels.



Report Cards: Elementary report cards will come home this week with your children. Please sign and return the envelope, you may keep the card.


Spelling Bee: The 1st – 6th graders will be competing in an in-school spelling bee February 4th. Lists and rules are posted on the website under Academics/Elementary Program/Spelling Bee.


Elementary Basketball Clinics: Saturday Hoops will run for the next two weekends!


Elementary Music: We have made a few adjustments in our elementary music classes now that Mrs. Erber is home anticipating the arrival of her new baby. Miss Kara Grammer will continue to teach preschool music. Mrs. Sandy Belschner is teaching K-3 music and Mr. Erber is teaching 4-6 music.



Report Cards: Secondary report cards will come home this week with your children.


CTP 4 Tests (standardized testing): Testing will take place the week of January 18. Please avoid appointments during this week.


Rhetoric Speech Meet (10th-12th Grade): The meet will take place February 26. Selections are due this coming Monday. More details are available on the school website.


We have our secondary students evaluate each class they take each semester. Here are a few things that students had to say about Mr. Struble this fall:

Mr. Struble

-He greatly enjoys the material.

-I enjoy the lessons a lot, and the new information is interesting.

-Discipline-if you don’t pay attention in class you fail. Your fault. It’s great.

-Wonderful teacher.

-He’s extremely knowledgeable.

-He taught me that Bio. can be a blast.

-He makes science fun and tells awesome stories.

-Absolutely brilliant!

-Mr. Struble is so smart and it blows my mind. I appreciate how he is very patient with us since Biology has some difficult concepts to grasp.

-He is the best at what he does.

-Mr. Struble’s classes are fantastic. I have learned so much in the last few months. Chemistry is one of my favorite parts of the day.

-I didn’t expect myself to enjoy Chemistry, but now it is my favorite class!

-He enjoys working with kids and loves to perform exciting experiments.

-Thank you!




Matt Whitling


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