Fight’n Knight Day: This Friday students are welcome to wear their Logos t-shirts and nice jeans to celebrate the last day before Christmas break.



3rd Grade Play: This Friday Mrs. Loyd’s class will be putting on a Christmas play. The show will open with a 2nd grade (Courtney) recitation at 8:35 AM. All are welcome to attend.


Saturday Hoops: There are three hoops dates left: Dec. 19, Jan. 9, and Jan. 16. This is a busy time of year, and it is just fine if an athlete misses a Saturday or two.



Trivia Day: This Friday after finals we will play our traditional game of “Logos Trivial Pursuit” and have a pizza party.  Guys, please bring six “individual” drinks – cans of pop, bottles of water, or Gatorade (No two-liter bottles please).  Ladies, please bring something for dessert.


We have our secondary students evaluate each class they take each semester. Here are a few things that students had to say about Miss Larsen this fall:

-Miss Larsen is always so joyful and happy about Latin.

-She really knows Latin well, so when we have a question she can answer easily and confidently.

-I like the games and when we act out the chapters. It’s really helpful.

-She really loves answering questions.

-Miss Larsen is very optimistic and always smiles, and she knows Latin very well.

-I like Miss Larsen because she is always bubbly and cheerful.

-I think Miss Larsen really loves to work with us. She is very loving and sweet.

-I like Miss Larsen a lot. She makes Latin fun.

-Miss Larsen loves Latin, and loves her students. Gratias, Magistra!

-She is stern when you are out of line, but she is fun when you are being good.

-Miss Larsen is cheerful and bright. I look forward to her class everyday. She is clear in what she teaches and it’s easy to understand.






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