LOGOS SCHOOL UPDATE – 2014-15 – #4

Assembly Accompaniment Tryouts: 4th – 6th grade students are welcome to tryout to accompany singing at elementary assemblies. Tryouts will take place this Wednesday @ 12:00 in the lunchroom.

Class Play: This Friday Mrs. Bradley’s 4th graders will be performing the first classroom play of the year. We will begin at 8:35 AM with a short recitation by Mrs. Loyd’s 3rd grade class. All are welcome to attend.

Speech Meet: Speech Meet selections are due today . Selections are to be memorized by Thursday, October 10.
Speech Meet: Secondary (7th-9th) Speech Meet selections are due October 3.

Honors Classes: The following honors classes will be offered for the first semester: 9th Grade Church History, 9th Grade European History, 9th Grade European Lit., 9th Grade Latin, 10th Grade US History, 10th Grade Latin, 10th Grade Algebra II, 11th Grade Chemistry, 11th Grade Pre-Calculus, 9th-11th Grade Choir, and 12th Grade British Literature. Invitations will be coming home to all students who have earned a 94% or higher in these classes by midterm. Further details about our honors classes are included on the invitation.

Study Tip for the Week
Encourage your children (1st-9th grade) to begin memorizing their speech meet parts early. The dinner table is a great place to practice. Start by having each child read through his selection, beginning and ending with the title and author. The next night have them recite as much as they can, reading the remainder that has not been memorized yet. By the time the speech meet comes around, the whole family will be ready to hit the stage and perform!


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