LOGOS SCHOOL UPDATE – 2012/13 – Summer #3

LOGOS SCHOOL UPDATE – 2012/13 – Summer #3



2012-13 Information: Please check the school website for the updated school supply list, uniform guidelines, secondary fall schedule, etc…




3rd Grade: We are very pleased to announce that the board has unanimously voted to hire Mrs. Kris Akin to teach our additional 3rd grade class next year. Mrs. Akin has been teaching at Westover Academy in Colville, WA for the past five years. We are grateful to have someone join our staff who has experience teaching in a classical and Christian 3rd grade. Please welcome the Akin family when you see them this summer.


Latin Positions: We are currently accepting applications for a Latin teacher to teach our new 3rd and 4th grade classes. These classes meet for 30 and 40 minutes in the morning respectively, five days a week. Please see me for details.


Elementary PE:  Our elementary PE program is staffed by volunteers.  If you are interested in volunteering to help out by teaching your child’s PE class, please contact me this summer.  Each PE class meets twice a week for 30 minutes. We still have openings for the following classes: 1a, 2b, 3a, 3b, 5th, and 6th.



Latin Tutor Position: We are currently accepting applications for a Latin Tutor Elective position. This teacher would be responsible to teach and tutor a small group of secondary students on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 8:25-9:15.


Sports Physicals: If you have a 9th or 11th Grade student who is planning to participate in sports this year, he/she will need to have a physical before the season begins (especially time sensitive for volleyball and cross country). See the school webpage for the correct form to bring to your doctor.


Senior Course Options: 12th Graders who will be participating in senior course options (independent studies and internships) should be thinking about their proposals. These are due on August 13 to Mr. Whitling via email, or earlier if possible. See the school webpage for details. There may be a few opportunities for seniors to work in the Logos Elementary classes as part of an internship.  See Mr. Whitling for more information.


Boarding Opportunities:

Logos has accepted the following students into the high school for next year. Please consider whether you would be interested in opening your home to one or both of these young men. Their families understand that this would be a situation in which they would pay for room and board and that the housing arrangements would not be managed by Logos School. Contact me if you would like more information.



Hyung Guen Cho (Jay) is 16 years old (11th grade) and he communicates well in English. “Hi, my name is Hyung Guen Cho, and I am planning to attend Logos next year for my junior year. I came from Ulsan, Korea, and attended Dae-Hyun church during my years in Korea. I moved to Oregon and went to school for two years, and then transferred to Royal Garrison High School in Pullman, Washington. I get along well with all kinds of people, and my current host mother finds my personality to be “delightful” as well as laid back.  Also, I am allergic to cats. Thank you.”


Tae Young Kim is 16 years old (9th grade) and he does a fair job of communicating in English. I grew up in a family that values etiquette and manners and enjoys family conversation and discussion. I naturally became a very kind and polite child because of such learning from my parents. My sister and I joined a choir of World Vision, a Christian organization, so that I became religious. After a while, I had an opportunity to study abroad in the U.S as a member of the choir. It was my first time to the U.S, and my experiences there were unforgettable. America was a land of my dream. It was exactly where I had always wanted to dream about. It is where I will pursue my goal. I am finally given an opportunity to study in the U.S, and I can’t wait for the moment. I strongly believe that both my previous experience in the U.S that made me want to study in America and the chance to go there now are all thanks to my parents’ effort and the grace of God. I will do my best to find and improve my potential. I will study various subjects to get to know myself and what I do well, which will determine my future.”  


For more information about the school please visit https://logosschool.com/




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