Logos School Update – 2011/12 – Week #32

Logos School Update – 2011/12 – Week #32




Summer Camps: Logos is offering a wide array of summer camps this year and we are looking forward to a great summer! See the school website for more information.


Mock Trial: There will be a public mock trial demonstration this Thursday at 7 PM at the U of I courtroom. Come out and see this year’s Idaho state championship team as they prepare to go to nationals!


Uniforms: Just a few reminders for the spring: Now that the weather is nice, elementary students are welcome to wear shorts to school. Boots and moccasins are no longer necessary or appropriate in the elementary or secondary, and please save sandals for non-school activities.



3rd Grade: We are continuing to receive applications for next year’s 3rd grade, and it is becoming very likely that we will need to open another class to accommodate the numbers. Stay tuned for more information.


6th Grade Teacher: We are very pleased to announce that Mrs. Kim Anderson has been hired to teach 6th grade in the afternoons next year. She has prior teaching experience at a classical Christian school in Uganda, and she has been a regular substitute teacher at Logos for the past two years.


Morning Kindergartens: We are currently looking into the possibility of offering two morning kindergarten classes next year. This would mean moving Mrs. Merkle’s afternoon class to a different room that would meet from 8:30-11:30 AM. More details to come.




Math Teachers: There have been a few changes in the works regarding math positions for 2012-13. Mr. Euhus, who has been carrying the heaviest teaching load in the secondary, will be stepping out of 7th grade math next year. He will still be teaching full time at Logos, but we have wanted to create a situation in which he can prep, grade and breathe throughout the week. In addition, Mrs. Ross has decided that it is time to focus more time and attention on her growing family. We will miss having her as a Functions and Statistics teacher at Logos, but we wholeheartedly support her decision to spend more time at home. We are very pleased to announce that Mrs. Tora Whitling has been hired to teach both of these math classes as well as coordinate the secondary programs for next year. Tora has math teaching experience at the junior, high school and college levels, and she has been coordinating our protocol program and helping with the Knight’s Fest Feast for the past few years.


Latin Teachers: Mr. Jesse Sumpter will be moving to Potlatch this summer and will be stepping out of his 9th and 10th grade Latin classes for next year. Mr. Sumpter has taught at Logos for five years, and we greatly appreciate the investment that he has made in the school. While we will really miss having him at Logos, we are very grateful to announce that Miss Melissa Dow has agreed to pick up these two Latin classes, which will make her a full time teacher next year.


For more information about the school please visit https://logosschool.com/





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