Logos School Update – 2011/12 – Week #26

Logos School Update – 2011/12 – Week #26



Teacher Work Day: This Friday, March 9, is a teacher work day.  Teachers will be working on grades and comments for the 3rd quarter report cards.  There will be no school this day.



Parent/Teacher Conferences, March 22 & 23: We are looking forward to meeting with you after spring break. These conferences are for parents only. Please do not bring students or younger siblings who may be a distraction.


Double Classes for 2012-13: Now that re-registration is over, we are creating new classes for next year. In this process we are taking parent preferences into account, but the board has determined that children of alumni and families who have been at the school five or more years will receive priority in these decisions. We are excited and thankful to have the opportunity to work with so many new families and students. Stay tuned for details.


4th Grade Play: This Thursday the 4th graders will be presenting at classroom play. The show will open with a recitation by the morning Kindergarten at 8:35 in the auditorium. All are welcome.


Parking Lot Safety: Mr. Garfield has been addressing the drop-off and pick-up procedure for the elementary students over the past few weeks. Please help to reinforce the following guidelines for our elementary students:


Front Parking Lot

  1. Only cross the front lot in the cross walk.
  2. Do not cross Baker Street without a parent.

Back (gym) Parking Lot

  1. Do not cross over the gym parking lot to your car without your parents.



Secondary Student Surveys: This week we are asking the secondary students to complete a brief survey for each class that they are enrolled in. This survey is designed to communicate the students’ perceptions of the secondary program to the secondary faculty and administration. This would be a great time to sit down with your child and discuss each class with him/her. Secondary parents are also welcome to provide input at this time. Simply print out the Secondary Student Survey which is attached to this email and turn it in to Mr. Whitling’s box.



For more information about the school please visit https://logosschool.com/





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