Logos School Update – 2011/12 – Week #25

Logos School Update – 2011/12 – Week #25



Parent/Teacher Conferences, March 22 & 23:  Conference sign-up sheets will be coming home over the next few days. We are looking forward to meeting with you after spring break.


Name on the Board:  One of our assembly sayings is, “If your name’s on the board…go make it right.”  The goal is to teach students to take responsibility and deal with sin faithfully.  Toward that end, my teaching and encouragement has been that when a student gets his name on the board that he go, at the next convenient time (recess, lunch, after school), and ask forgiveness of his teacher for whatever he did.  In addition to this, our household policy is that if one of my kids gets his name on the board in class, he comes and tells me right after school.  If your household discipline leans toward requiring your kids to take this responsibility and make things right, then making excuses, hiding the sin, or spinning the story will just not pay off.



Secondary Student Surveys: Next week we will be asking the secondary students to complete a brief survey for each class that they are enrolled in. This survey is designed to communicate the students’ perceptions of the secondary program, to the secondary faculty and administration. This would be a great time to sit down with your child and discuss each class with him/her. Secondary parents are also welcome to provide input at this time. Simply print out the Secondary Student Survey and turn it in to Mr. Whitling’s box.



For more information about the school please visit https://logosschool.com/





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