Logos School Update – 2011/12 – Week #36

Logos School Update – 2011/12 – Week #36


Summer Camps: A few of the camps are starting to fill up! See the school website for more information.



Elementary Awards Ceremony: This Wednesday morning from 9:30-10:30 we will meet in the gym to distribute year-end awards to our 1st – 6th grade students. After the ceremony the students will return to their classrooms for a few minutes to receive their report cards and to say farewell. Students should wear their dress uniform for this event.

Elementary Field Day: Field Day is a parent drop-off and pick-up event.  Some families like to pack a picnic lunch and eat in the park and stay for the activities (races, tug-o-war, capture the flag, etc.). Play clothes are welcome! Rain cancels.

Afternoon/Morning Kindergarten: Our afternoon kindergarten has been moved to the morning for next year. Over the summer, we will be moving the library down to the little house south of the school (where Logos Press is currently located) and Mrs. Merkle’s kindergarten class will be moving into the current library room.



Secondary Class Schedule: Fall 2012-13

Secondary Final Exam Schedule: (attached)

Secondary Awards Night: Secondary Awards Night will take place May 24th at 7:00.  This is a time for secondary students and their families to come and participate as we acknowledge the good work that our students and staff have done.  The school dress uniform or dressier church clothes are appropriate attire for this event.

Summer League Basketball: Practice starts Monday, May 28 from 7-9 PM.  See the school calendar on the website for more details.

Boarding Opportunities:

Logos has accepted the following students into the high school for next year. Please consider whether you would be interested in opening your home to one or both of these young men. Their families understand that this would be a situation in which they would pay for room and board and that the housing arrangements would not be managed by Logos School. Contact me if you would like more information.

Jaekyun Yoon (Jason) is 14 years old (9th grade) and he communicates well in English. He has completed his 8th grade year at Royal Garrison High School in Pullman. He is not a Christian, but he is open to hearing the gospel, and in his words, “Because my parents are not Christian, I am not Christian. But I think it is fine and good to be Christian in Logos School. Because I am not Christian, it doesn’t mean that I don’t want to be a Christian.” “Hi, My name is Jaekyun (Jason) Yoon, and I am planning to attend Logos next year for my freshman year. I am from Seoul, Korea. I moved to Pullman, Washington last year in August. I get along well with people easily. I love to play sports. I have (an) active and enthusiastic personality. Thank you.”

Hyung Guen Cho (Jay) is 16 years old (11th grade) and he communicates well in English. “Hi, my name is Hyung Guen Cho, and I am planning to attend Logos next year for my junior year. I came from Ulsan, Korea, and attended Dae-Hyun church during my years in Korea. I moved to Oregon and went to school for two years, and then transferred to Royal Garrison High School in Pullman, Washington. I get along well with all kinds of people, and my current host mother finds my personality to be “delightful” as well as laid back.  Also, I am allergic to cats. Thank you.”

Upcoming Events:                

Secondary Final Exams                      May 21-24

Kindergarten (PM) Graduation          May 22 @ 2:30 PM

Kindergarten (AM) Graduation          May 23 @ 8:30 PM

Elementary Awards Assembly           May 23 @ 9:30 AM

Field Day                                            May 23 from 1-3 PM

Senior Assembly                                 May 24 from 1-2 PM

Secondary Awards Night                   May 24 from 7:00-8:30 PM

Graduation Practice (seniors only)      May 25 from 10:00-11:00 AM

Graduation                                          May 26 3 PM at the U of I


(Parents are welcome to attend all of these events, except for the final exams!)

For more information about the school please visit https://logosschool.com/





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