Service Projects

Dear parents,   Tomorrow, students should either be dropped off at the school no later than 8:15, or dropped off at their service project location (see below).   Attached is a copy of the house list.  Your student should already know which house they are in (they were on these teams for Field Day and Trivia Day).  Following are the locations and details of the service projects:

House: Shamrock- Mr. Garfield

Location/address: City of Moscow/ Ghormley Park/ + Logos School

Contact/phone: Roger Blanchard/ 883-7098

Work to be done: Pile fallen branches/general maintenance at Logos

Things to bring:

House: Chalcedon- Mr. Euhus

Location/address: Bridge Bible Fellowship/960 W. Palouse River Drive

Contact/phone: Loren Euhus/301-1143

Work to be done: Cleaning/Maintenance

Things to bring: nothing

House: Leonidas- Mr. Carnahan

Location/address: Dairy Parlor/Behind Winco

Contact/phone: Josh Peek/885-3526

Work to be done: General clean-up

Things to bring: nothing

House: Vanguard- Mr. Bradley

Location/address: NuArt Theater/ Downtown

Contact/phone: Eric Engerbretson/ 596-0633

Work to be done: General cleanup and maintenance

Things to bring: nothing

House: Caerleon- Mr. Sumpter

Location/address: Clark House/ 1401 N. Polk Ext.

Contact/phone: Lori Hamilton/ 882-3438

Work to be done: Cleaning

Things to bring: nothing- everything will be provided

House: Chesterton + the guys of Redcrosse- Mr. Courtney

Location/address: Sabbath House/ 832 Kenneth St.

Contact/phone: Rusty Olps/ 301-4029

Work to be done: Yard work, cleaning, painting

Things to bring: guys- work gloves, 2 flat-nosed shovels, 2 regular shovels

House: The girls of Redcrosse- Mrs. Marston

Location/address: Carenet/115 N. Jackson

Contact/phone: Nancy /882-2370

Work to be done: cleaning/office work

Things to bring: nothing

House: Agincourt- Mr. Struble

Location/address: Good Sam (Moscow Village)/640 N. Eisenhower St.

Contact/phone: Lori Moller/882-6560

Work to be done: interact with the residents

Things to bring: nothing

Service Projects for Knights’ Festival 2009 General instructions to House Heads

Attached are the service projects we are doing this year for Knights’ Festival. Here is information that is common to all:

  • The ministries/companies/agencies involved have been contacted and they know we are coming.
  • They will have a representative on site to guide you and your house through the work to be done (except the clean-up of Ghormley Park).
  • Your job is to oversee the kids to be sure they are working hard and are representing the school well. You are also encouraged to join in the work as long as you can take time to oversee.
  • The students are to arrive at the service location at 8:30, or at school at 8:15 if they can’t drive and their parents can’t drop them off. These will be delivered to the location by bus. You can go by bus or your own car.
  • If there is anything to bring for your project (see: “Things to bring” under your section), please talk to kids in your house to see if they can supply them. If not, then talk to John.
  • When you are done with the project and are ready to leave, call John at 596-1599 and he’ll be around to pick up those who need a ride.