Knights’ Festival Update!

Dear Parents,

Tomorrow (Friday) is Feast Day!  Dress is either semi-formal or lords & ladies.  There will be a parade of the lords and ladies to choose a best dressed of each in the upper and lower divisions just before we sit down to our meal.  Although we do not have enough food for parents, you are welcome to come and watch the entertainment which will take place throughout the feast.

Juniors – be here at 9:00 to help set up for the feast.

Ladies – bring baking entries to the gym between 8:30 and 9:00.

9th or 10th graders – be here in the gym by 10:00 to practice your songs.

Everyone else – If you come early and have nothing specific to do, there will be games in Room 2 with Mr. Sumpter or a movie (Kung Fu Panda) in the auditorium.  Be sure to be here for the start of the festivities which begin at 10:30.  Mr. Douglas Wilson will be speaking to us about the blessing of feasting and food.  At 11:20 the Parade of Lords and Ladies will take place and at 11:30, the feasting will begin.