SAT & ACT – sign up!


Most colleges and universities require applicants to take at least one standardized test (ACT or SAT) for consideration for admission.

Both the ACT and SAT are required to graduate from Logos.  College applications are typically due in January and February, and so taking these tests by December of your senior year is a good plan – you can always re-test in the spring if you want or need.

Look at the schedules for the ACT and SAT now, and pick some test dates and register online.  They are only offered on certain Saturdays, and they and do can fill up, so don’t procrastinate.  Note that scheduling conflicts can make this complicated, so if you are playing sports or involved in drama or Mock Trial, so look carefully at the schedule and pick one that works.

Fee waivers for lower-income students may be available – see me for details.

SAT registration: 

SAT Test Date Registration Deadline
25-Aug-18 July 27th
6-Oct-18 September 7th
3-Nov-18 October 5th
1-Dec-18 November 2nd
9-Mar-19 February 8th
4-May-19 April 5th
1-Jun-19 May 3rd

ACT registration:

ACT Test Date Registration Deadline
8-Sep-18 August 10th
27-Oct-18 September 28th
8-Dec-18 November 2nd
9-Feb-19 January 11th
13-Apr-19 March 8th
8-Jun-19 May 3rd
13-Jul-19 June 14th


– Mr. Euhus