College Applications

September 17, 2019


Many of you have begun the process of applying to college.  If you know where you want to apply, there is no reason not to begin now.  If you don’t know, it’s time to start considering options.  Come see me if you have any questions or need ideas.  My office has a large number of college brochures and info packs, all dutifully filed for easy access.

College Applications and Deadlines:

Many college application deadlines are in January and February.  However, the deadlines are in the fall, if you want full consideration for scholarships, or if you want to apply to ‘early admission’ or ‘early decision’  For example, NSA’s application deadline is Feb 15th, but for early admission, it’s Dec 1st.  If you know where you want to go, there may be advantages to applying and committing early, such as scholarships as an incentive.  For more information about early applications, here is a useful article:

Most applications are online, so if you’re interested in a particular college, look on the internet now and quickly determine what is required, so nothing surprises you:

  • Check specific deadlines, and don’t wait until the last minute.
  • Some require essays and written references – these take some time.  If you need references, choose carefully, ask with plenty of time, and thank them profusely.
  • Almost all colleges will require SAT or ACT scores (a few make these optional).  Most will take your best score.
  • Some colleges charge a fee to apply, and some are free.  Some charge you a fee, and then if you choose to attend, they refund the fee.  Count the cost!

Common App: 

Over 700 colleges use “Common Application” which is a single online application that is sent to multiple schools of your choosing.  It is most useful for applying to many colleges.  Only a few local colleges use it.  See for more info.