Parking at Logos School

Dear Parents,

    Thank you VERY much for the many good suggestions you sent to me regarding ways to improve the safety and efficiency of our traffic patterns at Logos. After considering your input and that of Mr. Whitling, as well as my own observations, I have constructed some specific rules for our students and our drivers. Please open and print out the Rules and the Map (below). If you drive to school at all, you should familiarize yourself with them. We will begin enforcing these as soon as possible.

    As you will notice, we will be posting Guards in the school lot in the morning and afternoon. However, we need volunteers to be the afternoon Guard up in the gym lot. The time slot each school day would be from 3:10 – 3:30, during peak pick-up time. Please email me if you would be willing to take a day or more each week.

   Let’s put these rules into action and see how that goes. Again, thank you for your consideration, patience and input as we continue to try to make every part of Logos School a safe place for your children!
Tom Garfield



Traffic Rules

Parking Map

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