P1FCU Prep Athlete of the Week: Logos Knights’ Will Casebolt

Last Monday, junior shooting guard Will Casebolt found his rhythm early on. As he rode that momentum throughout the game, he finished with a career high: 42 points. “It felt really good. I felt like my shots were going in. I made a decent amount of them,” Casebolt said. “I felt like I was getting nice open looks and just knocking them down. ”It was a game that he knew early on was going to be special for him, especially when he started hitting shots from deep range. “Especially in the first half, just getting into my rhythm, shooting threes, getting some nice close buckets. After a while, the threes started coming,” he said. He’s put in the work to develop his three-point shot. This offseason he trained until he hit 600 makes per day. The Logos Knights are a team that can go on big runs when they get confident. Will said when someone creates a spark, the entire team starts heating up. “When one person gets going or someone has a nice play we just sort of build on that,” he said. “If someone has an and-one or a nice block we just build on that and gain momentum. ”Will is enjoying his time on varsity. He says it’s great to play with his friends who have been working towards representing their school for a long time. That shared drive has created some team centered play. “We know each other. Our chemistry is pretty good. We’re all pretty selfless so we try to get each other a good shot,” he said. “(We’re) not just playing for ourselves, but looking for the best shot our team can get. ”Even after a big game, Will is always looking for what he can do to improve the next time out. “I think about what I need to do, what I can improve on,” he said. “If I have certain things I need to improve on I’m going to focus in on those.” But for now, a career high and a team win are cause for celebration. If you would like to nominate a prep athlete of the week, please let us know. You can send an email to


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