Week 6


Picture Retakes: If you were not pleased with how your child’s individual picture turned out, please send the packet to school and have your child prepared for retakes on October 8.

Label your Items: Last Friday we had our first Lost and Found sale. It is amazing how much is lost each month. Please consider writing your family name on clothing, lunchboxes, etc. so that we can return these items to their owners.


Elementary Speech Meet: Friday, October 24. Selections should be memorized on October 10.

5th Grade Play: This Friday the 5th graders will be performing Alkestis by the great classical Greek playwright Euripides. The assembly will begin with a brief 4th grade recitation at 8:35 in the auditorium. All are welcome to attend.


High Protocol: The juniors and seniors will be attending Phantom of the Opera in Spokane on October 22 for their protocol event this year.

Study Tip for the Week

Plan ahead. Sit down with your child on Saturday and read over the HAS (elementary) or the Weekly Test Schedule (secondary) together. Talk about the tests and assignments with your child so that he is prepared before the week begins. A few minutes of discussion and study Saturday morning can help take the pressure off in the middle of the week when the circus is in full swing.

For more information about the school please visit https://logosprincipalspage.com/

All the best,

Matt Whitling