Fight’n Knight Shirts: We are getting ready to place a final order for more Logos Fight’n Knight shirts. If you are interested, please email Mr. Carnahan at logosad@turbonet.com with your preferred size and number (youth and adult sizes are available). All orders are due this Friday, September 26. This may be a great Christmas present idea for the cousins!


*Elementary Speech Meet: Friday, October 24. Selections should be memorized on October 10.


Tardy Update: If a student shows up to class without his book it is counted as a tardy, due to the fact that he has to go and retrieve it during class time. Since this adds to the opportunities that a student has to receive a tardy, we have changed the guidelines so that 5 tardies, instead of 3 will result in an office visit (applied retroactively). This should provide a more gracious balance, especially as the inclement weather approaches.

*High Protocol: The juniors and seniors will be attending Phantom of the Opera in Spokane on October 22 for their protocol event this year.

Study Tip for the Week

One helpful way to teach your kids not to procrastinate is to ingrain in them the need to study at least Two Days Out. Two Days Out means studying for Friday’s test on Wednesday and Thursday instead of simply the night before. Studying for predictable subjects like spelling and Latin should be spread over the course of the entire week, but for other quizzes and small tests, especially in the secondary, Two Days Out helps form a pattern of planned investment rather than last minute gambling.

*For more information on the designated events above, please see https://logosprincipalspage.com/

All the best,

Matt Whitling