LOGOS SCHOOL UPDATE – 2020 – Logos School @ Home Week #3

LOGOS SCHOOL UPDATE – 2020 – Logos School @ Home Week #3


2020-21 Calendar: In the past we’ve tried to take both National Holidays and timely school vacations off, but have found it difficult to do both, and be able to manage the total number of days in school. The school board has decided to line up our vacations with the ends of each grading period. As a result, you will notice in next years’ calendar we aren’t taking Labor, Columbus, Veterans, Martin Luther King Jr., Presidents, or Memorial Days off of school. Instead, we will take a week between the 1st and 2nd quarter, a week at Thanksgiving, two weeks between the 2nd and 3rd quarter, two weeks between the 3rd and 4th quarters, and Easter weekend (Good Friday and Monday). Hopefully, by sharing this now you will be able to plan longer extended vacations with your families during our academic breaks throughout the year. The new calendar is posted on our website

Assistance: If your family needs any financial assistance during this time please contact Dr. Stephenson.  Logos School is committed to working with every family to assist them in having a Christ-centered education for all their children.


Play your Audit Card: If you are concerned that your child will be unable to complete all of the work (for whatever reason), prioritize your subjects (Bible, reading, writing, math, history, science, Latin) and then write AUDIT on any unfinished pages and we will deal with it accordingly.

Friday and Monday: We will continue our “normal” drop-off and pick-up of student work on Friday and Monday mornings. Work is not officially due until Monday but parents are welcome to turn it in on Fridays as well.

Recommended Schedule (Nazarene and Main Campus):

8:00 Families with last names starting with A-E

9:00 Families with last names starting with F-K

10:00 Families with last names starting with L-R

11:00 Families with last names starting with S-Z

House Calls: If you would like your child’s materials picked up and dropped off at your door, please email me by Sunday night and we will deliver them to you Tuesday afternoon.

Google Sheets: Throughout the week simply check our elementary Google sheets for updates and instructional videos. Be sure to click on the correct tab at the bottom of the page to find the class you are looking for.


Time Management: Teachers have reduced the overall workload for each class by 30%. I’ve heard really good feedback from many families, but each child is different and processes this change in schooling differently. There will be grace when it comes to 4th quarter grades-we are committed to not having this challenging situation hurt our students as long as they are doing their best. If you have a diligent secondary student who is still not able to complete his work in a reasonable amount of time each day, please contact me so that we can make a plan.

Friday and Monday Morning: Parents do not need to visit the school unless a particular teacher has designated that new books are there to be picked up in student lockers. If you want to turn in hard copies of student work there are teacher boxes in the lunchroom designated for this. Please see the recommended times above if you plan to visit.


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