Re-enrollment: Re-enrollment for current students will be open until January 27. After that time we will begin processing new applications.

Logos Auction: The auction is January 25. See the school website for registration and details.


Spelling Bee: The 1st – 6th graders will be competing in the in-school spelling bee February 3.  Lists and rules are posted on the website under Academics/Elementary Program/Spelling Bee.

Saturday Hoops: The final camp was last Saturday. If your son did not receive his t-shirt, have him see me this week.


Rhetoric Speech Meet (10th-12th Grade): The meet will take place February 21. More details are available on the school website.

Knights’ Festival: Knights’ Festival is an annual three-day secondary school celebration. It will take place next Wednesday through Friday, January 29-31. This year’s theme is Music. Major events include plenary speakers, workshops, competitions (baking, art, volleyball, basketball, archery, chess…), and a feast in which the students provide entertainment (poetry, hymns, skits, movies…).


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