Drop Off and Pick Up Times (Logos Campus): Please drop your child off between 8:00-8:25 AM and pick them up between 3:10-3:30 PM (unless they are participating in an extracurricular activity) as there is no supervision beyond those times. Thank you!

Class Pictures: This Friday the 1st-12th graders will have their class pictures taken. This is a dress uniform day.

Preschool-1st Grade Midterms: Midterms came home last Wednesday. Please sign the bottom of the form and return it by this Wednesday, September 25.

2nd-6th Grade Midterms: A midterm form came home last Wednesday. Please log on to Renweb and help your child complete it. Our goal is to encourage families to check out Renweb and to help students use the midterm to plan for improvement in any areas that may need work. Please return these forms by Wednesday, September 25.

Speech Meet: Selections need to be memorized by October 2.

Renweb: Now that we are halfway through the quarter, this is a great time to sit down with your secondary student, log on to Renweb, and check progress in each class.

Study Tip of the Week
One helpful way to teach your kids not to procrastinate is to ingrain in them the need to study at least Two Days Out. Two Days Out means studying for Friday’s test on Wednesday and Thursday instead of simply the night before. Studying for predictable subjects like spelling and Latin should be spread over the course of the entire week, but for other quizzes and small tests, especially in the secondary, Two Days Out helps form a pattern of planned investment rather than last-minute gambling.


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