LOGOS SCHOOL UPDATE – 2018 – Week 18

LOGOS SCHOOL UPDATE – 2018 – Week 18



Jam the Gym: This Friday is Jam the Gym night for our basketball teams! The games kick off with JV boys at 4:30, Varsity girls follow at 5:30 and then Varsity Boys at 7. Come on out for a great meal deal dinner and some super basketball!


Re-enrollment: Re-enrollment for current students will be open until January 21. After that time we will begin processing new applications.


Logos Auction: The RSVP deadline for our 2018 Logos Benefit Auction has been extended until tomorrow, Wednesday, January 10! For auction details or to register online, please go to logosschool.com/news-events/benefit-auction



Spelling Bee: The 1st – 6th graders will be competing in the in-school spelling bee February 2. Lists and rules are posted on the website under Academics/Elementary Program/Spelling Bee.



CTP 4 Tests (standardized testing for 7th-9th grades): Testing will take place on January 17 (one day only). Please avoid appointments.


Secondary Student Surveys

We have our secondary students evaluate each class they take twice a year. Here are a few things that students had to say about Mr. Wilson:


-I most appreciate Mr. Wilson’s humbleness and knowledge of the Bible.

-He wants us to know the Bible to be better Christians!

-Mr. Wilson is an extremely fun teacher.

-Very fun teacher who knows what he is doing.

-He gives good discipline and yet without getting angry.

-He is very cheerful and funny.

-Mr. Wilson is a great teacher!

-Mr. Wilson is a very kind teacher, he is one of my favorites.

-Mr. Wilson’s humility impresses me the most.

-At the first of the year I was kind of bummed that I had him 3 periods in a row, but now I wish I had him for 6. Definitely my favorite teacher.

-He loves what he is teaching.

-I like how he is funny and explains things well.

-I really enjoy this class!

-Algebra with Mr. Wilson is awesome!

-Mr. Wilson is very fun. He has some pretty good math puns!

-I’m very impressed with his humility and knowledge of the material.

-He is always happy.

-He enjoys being with his students.

-He has the greatest accent I’ve ever heard.

-He is funny and knows how to teach the class well.

-He knows math quite well.

-I really enjoy this class and the clear love that Mr. Wilson has for this subject is obvious in how he teaches and the amount of enthusiasm the students respond with-Thanks.

-Thanks Mr. Wilson!

-I enjoy the times when he tries to baffle us with how math can be applied.

-He manages to make math class fun.

-He is a very smart person.

-I think that Mr. Wilson truly cares that we understand logic as well as we can and to prepare ourselves for knowing different fallacies in the real world.

-He is basically the Amazing Dr. Ransom.

-Funny, happy and we get stuff done.





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