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5th Grade Play: This Tuesday (tomorrow) Miss Church’s 5th grade class will be performing in the gym. The show will open with a 2nd grade (Kimmell) recitation at 8:35 AM. All are welcome!


Spelling Bee: The 1st – 6th graders will be competing in an in-school spelling bee February 9. Lists and rules are posted on the website under Academics/Elementary Program/Spelling Bee.



Rhetoric Speech Meet (10th-12th Grade): The meet will take place February 24. More details are available on the school website.


Secondary Student Surveys

We have our secondary students evaluate each class they take twice a year. Here are a few things that students had to say about Mrs. Whitling in the first semester:


-Mrs. Whitling is an amazing teacher who makes my understanding of math grow more and more everyday.

-She makes this class fun and easy.

-(I appreciate) Her constant screams or agony so you will NEVER forget how to do the problem.

-She can get us all from a tough situation to laughing hard, quickly. She’s always ready to help us out.

-Mrs. Whitling is the funniest teacher we have.

-She is really excited about teaching.

-She is really good at making learning lots of fun!

-Mrs. Whitling is one of my favorite teachers. She teaches the lessons quickly but thoroughly. I love how she knows everyone’s middle names!

-She is happy all the time. She is a great teacher.

-I like how she has us go to the board to do problems.

-Mrs. Whitling is probably my favorite teacher. She’s funny and she really enjoys working with us.

-I used to hate math because it was complicated and frustrating. Mrs. Whitling makes everything simple and clear. I love math now!

-I love that she is lively and wants us all to do our best—Amazing teacher!

-It impresses me how kind she is and how well she knows what she is teaching.

-Mrs. Whitling is very fun to work with. She is always happy and enthusiastic. She has made me love math even more.

-She is amazing at keeping us in line and is always fun.

-Thank you!






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